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My name is Inês and im currently in the last year of the A-Levels programme (12th grade). I have an international background as I have studied in various teaching methods, including the International Baccalaureate (PYP and MYP) and the British programme (IGCSE and A-Levels). I speak and write fluently in Portuguese and English and, can therefore teach and explain in both languages. I have been an excellent student, achieving mostly A and A* in my IGCSE subjects. I have always enjoyed helping my colleagues and this has led me to dedicate my free time to help other students who may want these extra lessons to overcome their difficulties!
I will be able to teach individual classes and small groups of 2-4 students.
If you are a student who is struggling to solve exercises or math problems, I can help you! I have been in your position before and I can give you some tips on how to structure your thinking towards those math problems.
I like to begin by understanding what the student in learning and what areas he would prefer to work on. I then start by clearly explaining the matter in order for the student to understand all of the aspects. Then, I either help the students complete their homework or work on exercises theyve previously picked (may be exercises they have had difficulty in). Finally, I may give some extra exercises for the student to work on to practice a little bit more.
My methodology for teaching English differs from student to student as everyone is different and has different levels in the language. I believe that working on grammar, vocabulary and oral understanding is very important when developing and acquiring the English language.


Ensino Básico
  • Matemática ( 1º ciclo )12.5 €
  • Apoio ao Estudo ( 1º ciclo )12.5 €
  • Inglês ( 1º ciclo )12.5 €
  • Apoio ao Estudo ( 2º ciclo )12.5 €
  • Inglês ( 2º ciclo )12.5 €
  • Matemática ( 2º ciclo )12.5 €
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