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  Explicadora - 22 anos

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Hello! My name is Inês and Im twenty years old.
I have a little experience with providing extracurriular study support, since Ive worked in a study center as a childcare worker.
Im currently attending to university at the education course (education and training). So far, I have the B.2.2 level of english (provided by the european center of languages) hence why Im only comfortable enough teaching the basic levels (such as A1 and A2). From Cambridge I have up to level B1.
My teaching method focuses more on the spoken language because I believe that once we start talking well the rest comes along. I hope to be the person you are looking for to guide you trough the process of learning english and showing you how fun can it be! (P.S: Only available for on-line classes).


Ensino Básico
  • Apoio ao Estudo ( 1º ciclo )6 €
  • Inglês ( 1º ciclo )6 €
  • Inglês ( 2º ciclo )6 €
  •   Aceita aulas online

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